Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Book ~ "The Perfectly Useless Book of Useless Information: You'll Never Need to Know Anything That's in This Book...But Read It" (2010) Donal Voorhees

From Amazon ~ It doesn't get any more useless than this!

The most inconsequential entry yet in the #1 New York Times bestselling series proves that information is overrated.

Your life won't be improved by knowing that ...

• Frank Sinatra's mother was a convicted felon.
• Bugs Bunny was born in Brooklyn.
• The average American home contains $90 in loose change.
• It is illegal to use the American flag in advertising.

And there's no good reason to also discover ...

• Which game show host previously worked as a garbageman.
• Which day of week is the most popular to rob a bank.
• Which millionaire loaned his kidnapped grandson ransom money at 4% interest.
• Which country once had a dog for a king.

I like reading books with useless information and this was a fun one.

Most of the topics were of interest to me and the info was in small bite size pieces.

It will be interesting to see how much I remember if it happens to come up in conversations.

I do remember how many stitches are on a baseball ...


Tatiana said...

I do indeed like useless knowledge, it would make for great bathroom reading :)

LeeAnn said...

did you get this from the library Teena?? This would be great for my trivia nights.