Wednesday 27 October 2010

Haunted Streets of Downtown Toronto Tour, Muddy York Walking Tour Group

To celebrate Halloween, my pal, Shawna, came up with the great idea for us (me, Gord, Yvette and Shawna) to go on the Haunted Streets of Downtown Toronto Tour with Muddy York Walking Tours tonight.

There were two groups, one led by Matt and the other led by Richard ... we were in Richard's group.

I've done three excellent tours with Richard in the past:
We started off at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and two hours later ended up at William Lyon Mackenzie's house on Bond Street (Dundas/Yonge).

Richard entertained us with lots of ghost stories.

The most disturbing to me was the tale of a young girl named Celeste who supposedly haunts the McLaughlin Planetarium.

Here we are at MacKenzie House ... Gord, Shawna, Richard, me and Yvette.

And here are Richard and Matt.

Definitely a fun way to celebrate Halloween!


Isabel said...

They have some tours like that here. But I'm a big chicken!

Tatiana said...

That's a brilliant idea! I should go on one.

Fizzgig said...

before i moved to the city, we had haunted walking tours. They cost money so we'd just walk the streets with them for free! muh ah ah ah~

Susan Demeter said...

Richards tours are always fun :)