Monday, 4 October 2010

Monday in Punta Cana

I had a fabulous eight hour sleep last night and felt so much better when I woke up this morning!

Here's our villa.

We are in the middle ... halfway to the beach and halfway to the main restaurant.

Here's the map of our resort.

Here's the front of the resort as you enter.

Here's the main buffet restaurant.

Here's the bar ... yes, there were people in it having cocktails at 10am!

Here's our beach.

I was laying on a recliner reading my book when I heard clapping. I looked over and there was an aerobics class going on on the beach. And there's Sister Sarah in the black bathing suit kind of in the middle.

There she is at the end.

Oh oh! There's a storm coming.

It rained really hard for about ten minutes. So we had lunch and then headed to the pool.

There's Sister Sarah enjoying a cocktail.

Today was a really relaxing day.

We met three women from Ontario and are meeting them for supper and we'll go to the disco.

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CapricornWoman said...

Such a lovely place, I wanna be there with you!