Saturday 10 November 2012

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto, ON

Gord and I went to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair this afternoon.

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, colloquially called The Royal, is an annual fall fair in Toronto, Ontario, which takes place over two weeks in November. Inaugurated in 1922 and originally housed in the Coliseum on the grounds of Exhibition Place, the event has expanded to also take up the Direct Energy National Trade Centre and remains an important exhibit for livestock breeders. Elizabeth II, as Queen of Canada, is the fair's royal patron. 

There were lots of stalls in the shopping area with mostly horse-related products to choose from.   We checked it out but didn't buy anything.

Look at all those bees!

Want some award winning cheese?

We checked out the butter sculptures ... yes, butter sculptures.

We wandered through the veggie and fruit section.

On to the animals ...

This guy must have been exhausted ... it looked like he'd fallen asleep while texting.

Then his buddies came along and tormented him with mustard!

He said some untypeable words to them!

Back to wandering around and looking at the animals.

We had a couple drinks in the bar before we left. This year it was part of the food theatre.

Gord had beer and I had a couple glasses of white wine.

Stefan from Creekside Estate Winery took good care of me and was very knowledgeable.

Though both were good, I enjoyed their unoaked sauvignon blanc better than their oaked one (I don't like the taste of oaked wine).

I also enjoyed Red Tractor's Riesling Gewurztraminer.


Margaret B said...

I've been twice, but it's been a while. LOVE the photos you captured of the poor guy getting the mustard on his face. I can imagine the hours are long for those participating. No wonder he was catching a few zzz's.

Teena in Toronto said...

It must be a looooooooong day for the people with animals!