Thursday 21 July 2011

Another fire in our complex

I got an email from one of my neighbours this afternoon asking what I knew about the fire.


I Googled and discovered that there was indeed a two alarm fire about 1pm ... not only on our street but in our building. We are in a condo in townhouses. There are eight blocks of eight units in our building.

This is what it looked like:

I sent Gord an email to let him know about the fire. He left work immediately to make sure everything was okay.

I called Super to see what was going on. He said the fire was on the rooftop of a couple units further down from us. I asked him if our place was okay and if I should come home. He said the fire was almost out and our place was okay. So I sent Gord an email to let him know but he'd already left.

He took these pictures and blogged about it.

This is the view from our doorway ...

There were lots of firetrucks on the street to deal with the fire.

Here are the firemen checking things out after the fire was out.

The damage was to the rooftop decks of four units.

Today was one of the hottest days EVER (this is the thermometer on our terrace in the shade)! That didn't help the fire.

Thankfully the fire was put out before it spread much. No one was hurt and all pets were rescued.

Ironically after fighting with the skanky builder of our condos for ten years to have fire alarms installed (they were finally put in in May 2010), none of the alarms went off.

This is the third fire on our property in nine years. In July 2002, the roof deck of one of the units above us caught fire midday on a hot day. Gord and I didn't have any fire damage but we had a lot of water damage. We were out of our place for two months while they made the repairs (other units above and around us were out for up to nine months). In July 2009, there was a fire on the roof deck of an upper unit in the first building about 6am. The reason for these fires were never determined ... tossed cigarettes were suspected.

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