Tuesday 26 July 2011

Wine Country Vintners, Niagara on the Lake, ON

Gord and I had planned on doing a structured wine tour this afternoon. But we were enjoying exploring Fort George so much that we decided to stay there.

We stopped in at Wine Country Vintners on Queen Street afterward.

We are wine club members (we receive two bottles of wine from Peller Estates every month) so our tastings were free.

Linda gave us samples of a bubbly, a sauvignon, a riesling and finally an ice wine riesling.

The ice wine riesling was yummy ... but expensive!

We bought a couple bottles of Ice Cuvée. The first New Years Eve Gord and I spent together back in 2008 he brought a bottle of this wine so it's been "our" wine. We haven't had it in a while. We also bought some funky new champagne flutes.

Since it's our anniversary, we thought it would be nice to have "our" bubbly to celebrate.


Tatiana said...

Sounds like a fab time - I too wonder why icewine is so expensive.

MonicaH said...

Cool glasses. What a great way to celebrate your anniversary. I think ice wine is so expensive because the period of time they can harvest the grapes for the ice wine is so short. Also, I understand growing them is not easy because they are such a delicate grape. - Monica

BunnyMummy said...

Went on a wine tour during Canada Day weekend, great experience. Our guide took us to 4 less popular estates that are still part of VQA. Food pairing turned us onto some Ontario cheeses yumm