Friday 8 July 2011

Honda Indy 2011, Toronto, ON

The Honda Indy is run about a half km (as the cross flies) south of our condo. So every year, for a weekend, we can hear the roar of the race.

It's free on the Friday to watch the cars practice for their Saturday and Sunday races, check out the pit areas, etc. I've never been and Gord and I went today (he's been before).

We started off in the beer garden on turn 9/10.

Here's the view from near the VIP section looking east towards downtown.

Alas, this is the closest I came to racing.

We walked down to the bridge to Ontario Place and then the beer garden that borders Lakeshore Boulevard.

Here's the track.

We checked out the grandstands in the gold section.

We checked out the pits.

I could never drive one of these cars ...

Look how small the seat is ... I'd never fit in it!

Here's a shot of the CN Tower as a crew are driving tires back to the pits.

We checked out the Winners' Circle beer tent ... the band was good.

It was nice to find a shady spot by turn 9 to grab a burger and a pop.

It was fun to finally experience it. Lots of walking around and exploring!


Lord of the Wings said...

Vrrooooom! Great post and pics. I didn't go, but I have your shots and feel like I was there.

Teena in Toronto said...

LOTW: It was my first time!