Sunday 17 July 2011

Book ~ "Billionaire's Contract Engagement" (2010) Maya Banks

From Amazon ~ He'd wanted her for six months. And the opportunity had finally arrived to make Celia Taylor his--at least temporarily. Billionaire businessman Evan Reese knew she was desperate to get him to sign with Maddox Communications. Perhaps he would. But first Celia needed to accompany him to beautiful Catalina for a family wedding. There he would wine, dine and seduce the stunning ad executive ... for he knew she desired him, as well. Yet would she still want him when Evan told her she'd be playing the role of his fake fiancée?

This is the fourth book by this author I've read in the last couple weeks ... I'd downloaded them from the library. These last three have been fast reads.

For a Silhouette Romance, this wasn't too bad. The hero was rich and arrogant but he wasn't an overbearing A-hole. And given the nature of the book, it all happened in about a week or so, of course..

The story was plausible. The characters were likeable. And we ended up with a happy ending.

It seemed like there was one loose end left, though. Someone leaked info towards the end but we never find out who. It causes a lot of problems but the story ended without finding out who it was. Plus I thought one of our heroine's co-workers acted suspicious but no one seemed to pay any attention to them so I guess I'm wrong. Maybe that person was the one who leaked info? Maybe not?

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