Friday 22 July 2011

Yankee Lady, Toronto, ON

Gord and I are on vacation as of the end of the workday today. Whoohoo!

Gord thought it would be a fun idea to start our vacation with a dinner cruise on the Yankee Lady.

Here is the boat. It's a good-sized boat ... not too big, not too small.

We were advised that we could board at 7pm and we were due to leave at 7:30pm. We didn't leave 'til 7:52pm, though, because we had to wait for a party to arrive. I say we should have left without them! We docked at exactly 10:30pm (as scheduled) so we lost almost a half hour on the water because of the late party. Grrr!

The views were fabulous from the boat. Here is looking back at the downtown core.

We cruised around the Toronto Islands.

Here are Gord and I. Aren't we cute?!

Seating for supper is determined before you board. We were seated at a jammed table of eight. We ate on the top level instead (standing).

Also when you board, they give you your dinner card. Ours was silver. When they call your colour, you get in line for your supper. They started by calling gold. People must have been trying to butt in line with different colours because he kept repeating over and over and over stuff like, "Only gold should be line. If your card isn't gold, you shouldn't be in line." It was hilarious!

Silver was called third about an hour later (which was fine because we enjoying being outside on the top level as we went through the Toronto Islands). When they called silver, we waited about 15 minutes before we went down. We ended up being in line for a half hour before we got our food. The pasta was cold. I don't mind chicken legs but asked for a breast. Alas, there were none left by the time it was our turn.

There was a nice breeze and it was awesome to see the sunset.

I thought this notice in the bathroom was funny.

I don't know how many times the Yankee Lady has run this cruise but it seemed like it was the first time. Being out on the water was very nice considering the heat. But having to wait almost a half hour for latecomers was very annoying as was the meal experience.

I'd be reluctant to do a dinner cruise with this company again.


Darlene said...

At least it was a beautiful, warm evening. It looks like you made the most of it and had a nice time anyway. But I hope you gave the latecomers the evil eye!

Tatiana said...

Hmmmm sounds like they have some kinks to iron out for sure. But I'm glad the views were great anyhow.

Cindy said...

You got some fabulous shots! They are all great, especially the sunset and the night photo! I would love to visit Toronto some time, there is so much I haven't seen of Canada, and I am just aching to see it all!
I really enjoy the posts you do of the area where you live, I want to thank you for them. It's nice to get the perspective of a person who lives there.