Wednesday 27 July 2011

My new Laurel Burch purses

When Gord and I were out strolling on Queen Street yesterday, I stopped in a store called Godel.

I saw a colourful purse that had dogs on it by Laurel Burch. I thought it was cute but wanted to think about it.

We stopped in again this morning so I could look at it again. I talked myself out of it and walked away.

But it was on my mind and I knew I wanted it ... so we went back before we saw the play. Not only did I buy the one with the dogs but I also bought one with cats. Ha!

Here are the front of them ... Rainbow Cats and Canine Friends.

And here are the colourful backs ...

I used the one with the cats right away.

Here I am in front of the store with my new cats purse!

They are fairly big so I can carry a lot of stuff around in 'em.


LeeAnn said...

Fun! I checked out the website and some cool stuff.. I am partial to the dog ones :-))

Teena in Toronto said...

I thought you would, LeeAnn :)