Saturday 16 July 2011

Winston's Dog House, Toronto, ON

My cousin, Jesse, recently opened a bar called Winston's Dog House (Eglinton W/Avenue) ... in fact, the grand opening was tonight.

It's a cute place ... he put a lot work into renovating it (it used to be an Italian bistro).

There is an interesting selection of draft. I'm not a big fan of wheat beer but I enjoyed the Konig Ludwig Weissbier.

Here's Jesse standing outside the bar next to his paternal grandfather's cool car.

In addition to his friends and people coming in from the 'hood, his family was there to celebrate the grand opening. My friend, Shawna, was there too.

Here are Shawna, Michael (Jesse's dad) and I.

Here are Carol (my aunt and Jesse's mom) and Gord.

There was entertainment by Mike.

Jesse thanked everyone for coming.

Here is Shawna goofing around with me.

Here are Carol and Kim (her sister). My grandfather is Carol's dad. He had two wives ... his first wife was my grandmother who died in 1942 and Carol's mother was his second wife. Carol and Kim have the same mother but my grandfather isn't her dad.

Here are Kim, Gord and Donavon (Kim's partner).

Gord kept bugging teasing Donovan that since he (Donovan) was his (Gord's) uncle in a strange roundabout kinda way he should take him to a baseball game and buy him a hat (cuz that's what uncles do, right?!). Poor Donovan :)

Here are Carol, Gord and Kim.

Here are me and Gord ... aren't we cute!?

Here is the "family" table ... Carol, Gord, Donovan, Kim, Linda (Kim's friend), Richard (Linda's partner), Shawna, Michael and I.

Here are Shawna, Michael, me, Carol and Gord.

Here are Jesse and Kim (his aunt).

Here are Jesse and Carol (his mom and my aunt).

If you're in that 'hood, stop in for a drink and bite to eat (the chicken burgers are apparently delicous!).

Good luck, Cuz!

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