Tuesday 17 May 2016

Book ~ "No Room for Error" (2015) Julie Moffett

From Goodreads ~ Trouble follows me, Lexi Carmichael, like a little black cloud. At least according to my boyfriend, Slash: brilliant hacker, national treasure and vault of secrets. Even I have to admit he could be right.

After a series of high-profile cases at my cyberintelligence firm, I was looking forward to a simple job. All I had to do was personally deliver a revolutionary microchip to a manufacturing plant in Indonesia. Easy, right?


Someone else wants the design and is willing to kill to get it. A failed hijacking attempt lands me, my best friend, Basia, and our boss, Finn, in the middle of the jungle. Our mission is clear: protect the microchip design from the hijackers on our tail ... and survive. But how can a geek girl like me survive without access to my beloved technology? I'm about to find out. And this time, there's no room for error. 

Lexi works for X-Corp, an intelligence and security company.  She has been dating Slash, a government agent and fellow hacker, for a while.  For the first time ever, they are in love ... Slash is the first boyfriend geeky Lexi has had and Lexi is the first woman Slash has let get close to him.

Lexi's friends, the Zimmerman twins, have invented something that will revolutionize the computer industry.  They are still recovering from their injuries, though, from No Woman Left Behind so ask Lexi to take it to Indonesia where it will be manufactured.  Lexi, best friend, Basia, who also works for X-Corp, along with their boss, Finn, agree too take it.  Before they leave, there are a couple abduction attempts on Lexi so Slash is also going to go (but on a different flight).

During the flight, there is a hijacking attempt and Lexi, Basia and Finn are force to flee through the jungle after their plane crashes.  They don't know who to trust, obviously have never had to survive in the jungle and just keep hoping the good guys will find them before the bad guys do.

Though this is the seventh in the Lexi Carmichael series, it works as a stand alone as you are provided with enough background.  I've liked the series and thought this book was just okay (I've enjoyed some of the others more).  I liked the writing style and there was some humour.  It's pretty far-fetched, though ...  I had a hard time believing that geeky Lexi is now running for her life through the jungle.

It is written in first person perspective from Lexi's point of view.  I found there was a lot of focus on Lexi and Slash's relationship.  Instead of going with the flow, Lexi is researching and trying to hard to be the perfect girlfriend (she doesn't have the experience to know how).  I liked Slash better before he and Lexi got together.  Now I find him a bit too possessive and controlling and all they seem to think about (and partake in) is sex.  I miss the geeky Lexi, Elvis and Xavier.

So not my favourite in the series but I look forward to Lexi's future adventures.

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