Wednesday 4 May 2016

Saint John City Market, Saint John, NB

I walked to the Saint John City Market (on Charlotte Street and N and S Market Streets) this afternoon.  It is apparently the oldest continuing farmer's market in Canada, with a charter dating from 1785.

It is a very cool building.  Completed in 1876, the current market building has a roof structure that resembles an inverted ship's keel. Made of wooden trusses, the structure was said to be built by unemployed ship carpenters of the day.  The floor slopes with the natural grade of the land.

Some of the businesses in the market have been apparently operating continuously there for more than 100 years.  There is quite a variety of vendors selling fruits and vegetables, meats, seafood, souvenirs, jewellry, etc.  On the weekends, there are even more vendors.  You can even stop in one of the booths and pick up a prepared meal.

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