Monday 23 May 2016

Jamaica - Monday

I woke up this morning to sun and 29C (but it felt like 34C). This afternoon it was supposed to be 31C (but feel like 38C) with the risk of a thunderstorm.

Sister Sarah and I started our day at the pool about 10am.  There was water aerobics and Sister Sarah did it.

There's Sister Sarah in the red

We hung out by the pool until lunchtime.  While we were eating lunch, the rain and thunder arrived.  When we went back to the pool, the entertainment crew didn't let it get them down and were dancing in the rain.

As the rain got stronger, they jumped into the pool and started games of volleyball.

We went in the pool too ... we were going to be wet anyway so why not be in the pool?

When the lightning started, we were all asked to get out of the pool.  Better safe than sorry!

Sister Sarah and I went back to our rooms and met in the lobby bar at 6pm for a couple drinks before heading to the buffet restaurant for supper.  The theme this evening was "Jamaican".

In the lobby bar at 10pm, they had karoake so we watched it for a couple hours.

Kelisha, one of the entertainment crew, sang Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance with Somebody and made Sister Sarah and I be her back-up singers ... it was fun!


Teresa said...

Have fun in the sun with Sister Sarah. Happy holidays.

Isabel said...

Have fun!!!