Wednesday 25 May 2016

Jamaica - Wednesday

I slept in this morning and headed to the pool to spend the day (Sister Sarah felt like spending the day at the beach).  It was sunny and 27C (but felt like 29C) when I got up and was supposed to be 29C (but feel like 34C) this afternoon with a 40% chance of rain and a risk of thunderstorms.

My plan for the day was to relax.  Not a bad place to spend the day!

There are lots of Canadians here

I had lunch in the small buffet restaurant by our pool.

The jerk chicken was hot off the BBQ ... yum!

The dark clouds rolled in later in the afternoon and it rained a bit.

Here's the view from my room about 6:15pm.

Sister Sarah and I had supper in the large buffet restaurant ... tonight's theme was Spanish.

There was supposed to be a beach party tonight but it got rained out.  Instead the entertainment part got moved inside.

This contortionist was freaky!

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Isabel said...

Ok bending that way.. no no. lol. But looks beautiful, the scenery.