Friday 13 March 2015

Mucho Burrito, London, ON

I had an enrolment seminar to conduct in London at 12pm.

Afterwards I had lunch at Mucho Burrito on Wellington Road.  I love love love burritos!  I've had Mucho Burrito's burritos in the past in Vancouver (it was fabulous) and Barrie (they were so-so).

There were loud Mexican tunes cranking which were fun.

I ordered a mucho chicken burrito with brown rice, chicken, black beans, kernels of corn, cheese, salsa and burrito sauce.  There was a LOT of rice and a little of everything else ... the rice overpowered everything.  It was just okay.

Update:  I took half of my burrito home and heated it up for supper.  I cut up the tortilla and mixed everything up together and it was better that way.

Mucho Burrito on Urbanspoon

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