Monday 23 March 2015

Tomasso's Italian Grille, Trenton, ON

I conducted three enrolment seminars in Trenton (about two hours east of Toronto) today.  The last one was at 7pm so I had supper before it at Tomasso's on Front Street.

I was seated in the dining room in the front
The brightness in the back are larger windows
which overlook the frozen Trent River

Jamie, my server, started me off with hot bread drizzled with garlic butter.

It was soft and yummy!

Since I was in an Italian restaurant, I ordered Chicken Parmigiana.  It was delicious and I'd get it again!

They aren't kidding when they say it's "all baked with mozzarella"!
The chicken was indeed lightly breaded

The desserts were showcased as I walked in and a piece of chocolate cake had caught my eye!  Alas, I was too full to have it so regretfully passed on it.

I noticed that the servers were professional.  Jamie was friendly and helpful and took good care of me.

I'd go back!

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Teresa said...

Food looks good. What a lovely sunny day, now if it would only warm up.