Thursday 5 June 2014

Yogurty's, Liberty Village, Toronto, ON

I was invited to Yogurty's location in Liberty Village for an exclusive tasting of their new cocktail-inspired froyo (frozen yogurt) flavours.

We’re proudly Canadian, since our early roots over 20 years ago we’ve strived to bring you the best possible frozen yogurt, with an amazing variety of flavours and toppings. Our self-serve stores let YOU choose what you like. No two customers have indulged their passion for a Yogurty’s frozen yogurt in exactly the same way. That’s because each customer gets to choose from over 85 different flavours of fresh frozen yogurt, all made with the finest, farm-fresh Canadian milk. And that’s just the start. You also get to choose between low-fat or no-fat, or gluten free or kosher, all with added probiotics. They are calorie-friendly and rich in nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B2, and potassium. It’s like choosing between really healthy and really, really healthy.

Look at all those toppings!
You can order yogurt ahead of time 2-go
They have a big patio upstairs ... a great spot to chill and have a froyo
Looking east
Looking west

Here are the new flavours ...

My fav!
I liked this one too!
I had a bit of each ... and went back for seconds!

They were delicious ... surprisingly low in fat and calories.

This is Carlos, the froyo mixologist (what a cool job!)

Karen Sterling, VP and Chief Marketing Officer, thanked everyone for coming and gave us some info on Yogurty's.  Then Carlos explained how flavours are developed.

Then Karen revealed their new flavour which was developed for Canada Day and is available now ... maple bacon.

Bring dad in for a free one on Father's Day
I put rainbow bacon gummies on it
It tasted really smoky ... if you like bacon, you should check it out

I like Yogurty's froyos so was happy to be invited to check out their new flavours.  This location is fairly new in my 'hood and it's going to be a nice excuse to go for a walk to Liberty Village this summer to stop in for some froyo!

Thanks, Yogurty's tor the invitation and coupons!


Masshole Mommy said...

That sounds like a trend that needs to catch on! Send this place down to Boston!!

Isabel said...

I want to try all those flavors!!! They sound sooo good!

LeeAnn said...

Very yummy! Love their yogurt!

Teresa said...

Looks like a great place.

Kat said...

You get invited to the coolest events. I'm jealous!