Monday 16 June 2014

Moxie's Grill & Bar, Toronto, ON

I had supper with my pals, Deb, Franca and Liz tonight ... we used to work together and have been friends since the mid-1990s.

We met tonight at Moxie's at Wellington/University, which opened in November.

It was quiet when we got there about 5pm.

But it was fairly busy when we left about 7:30pm.

We were all happy with what we ordered.  Deb and I had Chicken Enchiladas (I ordered mine without guacamole and sour cream).

Deb's had with everything
Mine without the guac and sour cream

Liz had a Margherita Pizza.

Franca had a Caesar Salad with chicken (she shared her garlic bread with us ... thanks, Franca!).

Here we are ...

Deb, me, Liz and Franca

Jared was our server and took excellent care of us ... he was friendly and fun.

There was a mistake with my order ... it came with guac and sour cream, though I'd asked for none.  I was very impressed with the way the oversight was handled.  I figured they would take off the chips that had the guac and sour cream and replace them with fresh chips ... I would have been okay with that.  Instead they made me a whole new meal and the manager came over to apologize and didn't charge me for it.  That's excellent customer service, something you don't see very often.  We were very impressed!

It was a fun night and great to catch up with Deb, Franca and Liz!

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Masshole Mommy said...

That pizza doesn't have nearly enough cheese, but those Chicken Enchiladas look awesome.

Teresa said...

You certainly keep yourself busy! Always fun times getting together with old friends. YUM