Sunday 22 June 2014

Book ~ "Pros and Cons" (2013) Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

From Goodreads ~ FBI special agent Kate O’Hare has made it her mission to nail international con artist Nicolas Fox. When she discovers his plot to plunder a venture capitalist’s twentieth-story Chicago penthouse of all its cash and treasures at the same time that the self-proclaimed “King of Hostile Takeovers” is getting married, Kate is 85% - okay maybe 92% - sure that she’s finally going to bag Nick Fox.

Problem is, first Kate has to convince her boss, building security, and maybe even herself, that wedding planner Merrill Stubing is actually Nicolas Fox. Second, she has to figure out how to corner and capture him without disrupting the event of the year. And third, what’s going to happen once O’Hare finally gets her hands on Fox? It’s going take a pro to catch a con before the fireworks over Lake Michigan go off.

This is a short story and the prequel to The Heist, which I'd read a couple weeks ago.

Kate O'Hare is an FBI agent on the hunt for Nick Fox, who is a con artist.  She tracks him to Chicago where he is posing as wedding planner Merrill Stubing (he takes his aliases from TV characters).  He is hoping the bride-to-be's flimsy wedding dress and fireworks will be enough distractions so he can rob the rich older groom-to-be, Milton.

I've read the next two in the series (the latest one will be out this year) and enjoyed them.  Had I read this one first, it would have piqued my interest to read get into the series.  I liked the writing style and it's a quick read.

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This is probably a book that my hubby would like!!