Saturday 21 June 2014

Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival, Toronto, ON

After Gord and I left the Waterfront Festival, we walked to the Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival.

We'd bought our tickets during the week ... $21.50 got us a sampling glass plus five tickets (we bought another 20 tickets).  Drinks were one to three tickets.

There were a few people when we got there about 2:30pm and it got busier as the afternoon went on.

Here's what I had today ...

 Our first drink was a daiquiri from Brugal made
with fresh strawberries (2 tickets)
I liked the raspberry beer from Amsterdam Brewery (one ticket)
Jacob's Creek's moscato (one ticket) was sweet and yummy
I liked Girls' Night Out's sangria (two tickets)
Their bubbly was okay (two tickets)
Gord and his bubbly and fan
I liked Villa Maria's rosé (two tickets) more than their sauvignon blanc
I liked the Candy Apple red better than their white (one ticket each)
There was a long line for Havana Club mojitos (one ticket)
The mojito mostly pre-made and not worth the wait
We liked the reisling from Burning Kiln Winery (two tickets)
The Mionetto Il Prosecco was good (two tickets)
Honey Badger Luscious Red was my last drink (two tickets)
...I had it cuz the honey badger don't care!

Gord and I had chicken samosas (six tickets) from Magic Oven ... they were good.

There was entertainment on the stage and it was good.

Aria Zenuo
Rikki Nicks Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band
Julian Taylor Band

There's Gord on top of a rock.

Here's the crowd when we left about 7pm.

It was a fun festival.  This was our second year attending and we look forward to going again next year.


Masshole Mommy said...

I would love that!!! It sounds like a great event!

Teresa said...

That looks like so much fun. Wonderful weather to boot. Yeah summer.