Saturday 14 June 2014

Liberty Village Art Crawl, Toronto, ON

I walked over the Liberty Village Art Crawl this afternoon ... it's not far from my 'hood.

35 talented artists and artisans in the fields of original art, photography, jewelry design, furniture, fashion design, body care and more, will gather on location to exhibit and sell their products. 

Food trucks/vendors and DJs all day Saturday!

It was held today in Liberty Village Park (it was in another nearby spot yesterday).

I came in from the east end along East Liberty (from Strachan).

This chapel, built in 1877, is one of only two buildings
remaining of the Toronto Central Prison

The art crawl was next to the old chapel

There were vendors selling natural products, hats, pet supplies, jewellery, fitness, paintings, photography, etc.

This brownie called to me ... and I couldn't say no!  It was good!

I had a chat with John of Sudsatorium ... he sells fair trade organic vegan cruelty-free cosmetics.  I bought some ice man cometh (peppermint/thyme) body wash, kumquat u talkin' 'bout willis? (pomegranate, mango and kumquat) body wash and pop rocket body scrub.

The prices were reasonable
I loved the names!
I bought some of this

I also had a chat with Niyousha of NPK Naturals and bought some of her All in One Body Butter (my arms and hands felt great after I'd tried some).  It's all fair trade, not tested on animals and handmade by Niyousha with love!

There was a DJ cranking some tunes.

It's the second annual craft crawl and the first time I'd checked it out.  I'll go back next year!

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Masshole Mommy said...

Wow, there were a lot of artists that participated.