Friday 27 June 2014

The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies Bevy 0006 event, Toronto, ON

Tonight I attended the sixth The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies bevy event.

A group of Toronto ladies passionate about all things craft beer. We enjoy great craft beer & awesome women togetherness the last Friday of every month. 

The tickets were $30 and that includes two drink tickets ... one for a beer and other for a beer cocktail.  After that you can (and are encouraged to) buy more drinks.  A portion of the ticket and beer sales is donated to the Canadian Women's Foundation.

The bevy events start at 8pm (I got there about 8:15pm) ... after midnight, men are allowed in.

Tonight's was held at the Norman Felix Gallery (Adelaide W/Portland).

You could buy sliders ...

You could also buy swag (tank tops and glasses) ...

I started with a beer cocktail.

There were three to choose from and I got a Raspberry Delight (raspberry juice and Flying Monkey's APA).

First the raspberry juice
Then the beer

I went upstairs for a while and chatted with a couple women.

That's where the beer was being served.

That's my summerweiss she's pouring

It started getting busy ...

I headed back downstairs again.

It's been a busy week and I was tired so I just stayed for a couple hours before heading home.

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Masshole Mommy said...

You guys in Toronto rock. There is always so much cool stuff going on up there.