Sunday 29 June 2014

Book ~ "Death Takes a Ride" (2014) Lorena McCourtney

From Goodreads ~ Once again private investigator Cate Kinkaid finds herself in more danger than her pay grade should allow when a straightforward case of attempted robbery turns out to be so much more.

Cate was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  She'd stopped in to give Shirley a ride to a meeting at Shirley's workplace.  While she's waiting, Cate  hears gunshots and discovers that a robber had burst in, shooting one of Shirley's boss and Shirley's other boss had shot and killed the robber.  Cate is hired to investigate to see why it happened.

In the meantime, Cate's boyfriend, Mitch, is thinking about selling his computer company and maybe moving away.

I love mysteries and wanted to like this one but I didn't.  I found the writing style could have been tighter and that it dragged.

I didn't realize when I started reading it that it was a Christian mystery.  Though I'm not religious, I didn't have any issue with this.

I found Cate and Mitch boring and I couldn't relate to them.  Cate was thirty and I thought she was too naïve at that age.  She's wondering what is going on between her and Mitch and instead of asking him, she lets her imagination run wild.  I liked Clancy, the dog, the best.

I'm sure there are lots of fans out there of this author ... I guess I like my stories edgier and more realistic (Cate and Mitch didn't drink, swear or do anything beyond kiss).

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Masshole Mommy said...

Sounds like a great read.