Saturday 7 June 2014

Dundas West Fest, Toronto, ON

The second annual Dundas West Fest is today.  Dundas Street W between Ossington and Lansdowne are closed off from 11am to 10pm for the festival.

It was a great day for it ... sunny and hot (26C).

It's not far from where we live and I walked to the Ossington entrance ... I got there about noon.

Looking west along Dundas StreetW at Ossington

There was something for everyone!

Wanna play Scrabble?
The Clay & Paper Theatre entertained
You could make a collage at Monkey's Paw
Face painting
Kids drew caricatures
You could learn how to dance
Making balloon dogs on leashes
These girls were trying to teach the dog how to dance
Kids played ball hockey near Lansdowne

There were lots of patios and you could get a seat on a patio when I got there ... by the time I left about 5pm, they were jammed.

Look at the size of that pitcher of beer!

There was lots to buy if you are a shopper ... records, jewellery, clothing, hair products, World Soccer shirts and hats, etc.

This dude walked up and down the street trying to sell this painting

There was constant entertainment along the street.

These ladies were dancing to the band in the above picture
Tyler Yarema and his Rhythm were playing on the patio of Cafe Bar
Pasta.  I'd first heard them at Michael's on Simcoe in the fall
and they were really good.  I sat on the patio and listened
to a couple sets.  They played blues and jazz and were awesome!
Tom, one of the owners of Cafe Bar Pasta, and the Nickle Brook Brewery
rep (Nickle Brook and Cameron's Brewery were giving out
beer samples) were digging the tunes
There were lots of people dancing to this band

Hungry?  There was lots of food to choose from.

That's MY pulled pork sandwich ... it was good
They made the churros there

There were lots of people walking up and down the street.

Looking west
Looking east
Looking west

There was a yard sale and stands near the church ... I'm assuming the proceeds go to the church.

Discover Toronto ... we've been expecting you!

We have three elections coming up in the near future ... for mayor, premier and prime minister.  The candidates were out.

Sarah Thompson walked up and down the street
The Green Party didn't have a booth
... just people on the street

As I headed east along Dundas Street W towards home, there were lots of people still enjoying the festival.

It was a fun afternoon and I look forward to going again next year!

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