Wednesday 30 October 2013

Michael's on Simcoe, Toronto, ON

I received an invitation to attend the one year anniversary of Michael's on Simcoe this evening.

After a year of servicing the financial and entertainment district; Michael’s on Simcoe celebrates a year of grade A food, high end service and the development of a loyal following of clients and celebrities.

Located in the downtown district steps from the Shangri-La, Michael’s on Simcoe is a contemporary steakhouse that blends the best of modern day cuisine while paying homage to its authentic Italian roots. 

Home to an array of USDA prime steak, luxurious seafood, and cooked to perfection hand crafted pasta, Michael’s also boasts a menu of classic cocktails with a modern day twist. Head chef Derek von Raesfeld (former head chef at Mistura & Sopra) sources fresh, local ingredients hunting farmers markets and local food suppliers in all corners of the city. Originally from Toronto and having studied in Milan and Genova, Raesfeld has worked under well-known Canadian chefs Mark McEwan, Brad Long, Rob Fennie and Massimo Capra.

“Michael’s is about providing an upscale dining experience,” says Michael Dabic, Owner, Michael’s on Simcoe. “Clients at Michael’s enjoy high-end service, prime steak custom cut to order and an elegant atmosphere for guests. It’s about creating an ambiance of class similar to restaurants in New York and Miami.” 

Nestled in between the financial and entertainment district s in downtown Toronto, Michael’s on Simcoe reinvented the feel of a traditional masculine steakhouse by creating a softer, more elegant space, despite the location of a beef aging chamber onsite. Partnering with well-known firm Yorkville Design, a year of dedication has certainly proved successful - eye catching décor, superb textured walls are among some of the credible changes in the downtown Toronto space. During TIFF 2012 and TIFF 2013, Michael’s on Simcoe hosted a variety of star studded and celebrity events and garnered a mention in People Magazine. 

Michael’s on Simcoe is a modern Italian Steakhouse that playfully combines the best of contemporary cuisine with USDA prime steak, fresh seafood and authentic homemade pastas. Michael’s on Simcoe offers an elegant and haute dining room and contemporary lounge perfect for corporate, social or special events.

It's a cute spot and there was an enthusiastic crowd!

When we arrived, Gord and I ordered a glass of bubbly and that's what we drank for the rest of the night. I love bubbly!

Tyler Yarema and his Rhythm provided the entertainment.  They played jazz and swing and were really really good!

Appetizers were served ...

Steak tartar
Steak tartar
Tempura octopus
Chicken slider
Lobster BLT
Meatball sandwich

I'm fussy so didn't try the steak tartar, octopus or lobster.  I liked the chicken sliders and meatball sandwiches and had more than a few!  Gord tried everything and liked the chicken sliders the best.

I've got to tell you about the bathroom ... it was the coolest I've ever been in!

When I walked in the stall, the toilet seat automatically lifted.

What I noticed right away was that the toilet seat was heated ... HEATED!!!

This box was next to me when I was sitting.  Needless to say, I tried everything ... yes, my front and rear were washed and dried!

It was a fun night and I was impressed with Michael's on Simcoe.  The food was delicious and the service was good.

You should check it out if you are downtown!

Thanks for the invitation!

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Masshole Mommy said...

I'd go there just for the heated toilet seats LOL. Looks like a nice place.

Margaret B said...

We had our office Holiday party there last year (and had a blast) and I recommended it to my husband for a PDAC industry party his company was hosting. It's a GREAT spot for entertaining guests and clients.

Kat said...

Michael's on Simcoe looks like a great little place to have a bite. The bathrooms would overwhelm me though.

I wouldn't have had the steak tartare or the octopus either, yuck!