Saturday 19 October 2013

Metrolinx Union Pearson Express construction ... why did they have to work all night?!

Currently there is no easy or fast way to get to Pearson Airport (our large airport) from downtown.  You can catch an "airport bus", take a cab (about $60) or go by transit (which would take forever).

To solve this, Metrolinx is going to provide a rail service between Union Station downtown and the airport ... it is scheduled to be finished by 2015.  Sounds like an excellent idea!  To accomplish this, they have to upgrade existing tracks and/or build new ones.

The tracks pass just south of our condo corporation ... we live between #1 and the Strachan Avenue overpass on this shot.

There has been lots of construction going on and it's constant and loud.  Alas, they cut down the trees between our corporation and the tracks so there is no sound barrier.

During the day, it's fine because that's normal, right?  Surprisingly they've worked on holidays.

But last night when Gord and I went to bed about midnight, they were still working!  They didn't stop 'til just after 5am.  Seriously!

So all freakin' night all we could hear was the sound of trucks and banging ... the constant beep-beep-beeping was insane!  Needless to say, neither of us got much sleep.

There is no work being done right now ... why couldn't they have waited to do what they did last night to do it today ... in the daytime?

Doesn't Metrolinx have any respect for the residents in the area?  It appears not :(

October 23 - They started working on the tracks this morning about 5am ... lots of loud beep-beep-beeping :(

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