Friday 4 October 2013

Deerhurst Resort, Huntsville, ON

I was at the CPBI Ontario Regional Conference this week ... it was held at Deerhurst (about 2.5 hours north of Toronto) from Wednesday 'til today.

Lobby bar
Lobby bar

My room was in the main building.  There are various lodges scattered around the property.  The farthest is about a ten minute walk down by the lake.  Here was my room.

My room was on the ground floor, facing the parking lot.  My sliding doors led to a communal patio.

I took a walk around the property on Tuesday afternoon and headed to the lake.  It was gorgeous with the leaves changing colours.

I ate in the lobby bar a couple times.  I had a pound of wings with Big Poppa Jim’s honey garlic sauce ($17) on Tuesday evening for supper ... they were big, messy and delicious! I had the House Pulled Pork Sandwich made with Muskoka Cream Ale barbecue sauce with fries ($14.99) on Wednesday for lunch.  It was okay ... the BBQ sauce tasted a bit too ketchupy and the fries were a bit burnt.  But it was a big meal and I couldn't finish it.

The resort provided our meals during the conference.  We had chicken breast with mushroom sauce and mushroom ravioli for lunch yesterday.  I'm not a fan of mushrooms so just ate the chicken, which was delicious.  For supper last night, we had bacon-wrapped tenderloin and mashed potatoes and it was delicious.

Parking was free.  You have to sign up for WIFI every day.  You can get it for free or pay about $10 a day for high speed .... I found the free WIFI fast enough.

There are a couple golf courses nearby ... we had a golf tournament at one of them.


Masshole Mommy said...

Wow! It looks like an amazing place to stay!

Unknown said...

the leaves are in colour there, far ahead of us on the south side of Lake Ontario. Of course, it's snowing in Alberta, so I guess we have to count our blessings.
Great post.

Teresa said...

Busy week for you, but lovely place to be.