Tuesday 15 October 2013

Book ~ "A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book" (2013) Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman

From Goodreads ~ Whether it’s of your sister’s smile, your morning coffee or your new puppy, photos are a way to connect on Facebook and Instagram, keep a visual diary of our lives, and create momentos for future generations. Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, creators of the mega-popular DIY style blog A Beautiful Mess, are in love with photographing everyday life. Here, they share that love with 95 all-new tips and photo challenges that will inspire you to style and snap better photos and then transform them into simple yet stunning projects and gifts. 

You’ll learn how to:
  • Take the most flattering self-portraits
  • Be your own stylist to turn dull, cluttered photos into pretty lifestyle photography
  • Capture adorable couple portraits
  • Turn everyday moments, hobbies, and rituals into amazing photos
  • Show off your favorite photos by turning them into handmade jewelry, home décor, and gifts 

Packed with Elsie and Emma’s happy spirit and unique style, A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book will inspire you to capture your days, your friends, and your dreams in beautiful photos!

I have three cameras ... a Canon point-and-shoot that is usually in my purse, a Nikon D5100 DSLR along with some lenses, and a Nikon CoolPix (that's in between the two) that I use often.  Needless to say, I take a lot of pictures.  Gord and I took some classes last year to learn how to (1) use our cameras in other than auto mode and (2) take photographs, not just pictures.

I'm still an amateur and like reading photography books to see what professionals take pictures of and how they do it. 

The chapters in this book are:
  1.  Capture your favorite people
  2. Add backdrops and props
  3. Use beautiful lighting
  4. Get creative
  5. Get inspired
  6. Capture yourself
  7. Challenge yourself
  8. Show off your photos

As stated in the beginning of the book, this book is not about the mechanics of photography such as how to change your shutter speed and/or aperture ... it's a how-to book to take fun and creative pictures and what to do with them (like magnets, lampshades, business cards, gift tags, cupcake toppers, etc.).  Even if you have a point-and-shoot or a cell phone, this book may inspire you to go outside the box take some cool and funky shots.

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