Sunday 20 October 2013

I love our new lights

When I bought our condo in June 2001, I was the second owner.  I bought it from an older couple who had done no upgrades.

Our living room, dining room and kitchen are open concept ... so basically one room.

I hated the light that was over our dining room table ...

And I hated the fluorescent light that was in the kitchen (the cover broke a couple years ago)  ...

For years we have been talking about doing something about them ... and yesterday was the day!

We bought two matching lights and Gord installed them yesterday and today.

The one in the foreground is in the dining room and the one in the background is in the kitchen.

Good job, Gord!

Now we need to paint the kitchen ceiling because you can see where the fluorescent light was and we'll do that sometime.

I'm soooooo happy to be rid of those lights!


Masshole Mommy said...

I love them. They look awesome.

Kat said...

Those lights are much better!

JCB said...

Oh WHEN can Gord come to our house? Please? Pretty Please?