Tuesday 22 October 2013

Healthy kitties!

Morgan has been asthmatic since January 2006 ... we have to use a puffer when he's having problems breathing.

He needed a new puffer so the vet asked us to bring him in for a check-up first.  So we took both Morgan and Crumpet in this evening since they both needed check-ups.

I put the carriers out this morning so they'd get used to them.  Crumpet didn't realize what they meant and climbed on them.  Morgan knew that he would be jammed inside one and wouldn't be going to a fun place ... so he hid under the bed.

First off, they got weighed in.  Crumpet is a perfect weight at 12 pounds.  Morgan, though a long cat, is a tubby boy at 19 pounds ... he has to lose 6 pounds!

While we were waiting for the vet, the kitties checked out the examining room.

Pleez take me home!

The vet checked them out and they are both healthy!  Yay!

Their reward was a new catnip toy each (with the proceeds going to a cat rescue).


Masshole Mommy said...

Glad to hear that they are both healthy :)

Teresa said...

Glad to hear all is well with the Kitty cats.

Way Out Wear said...

Glad they're doing well! Congratulations Kitty Parents!

Isabel said...

yay for being healthy!! Bummer about morgan having to go on a diet.

Rosie said...

such CUTIES!!!! Love'em