Tuesday 3 January 2006

Feline asthma

The last couple of days, Morgan has been having problems breathing. The first couple days it looked like he was just trying to hack up a furball (as he is prone to). But it got more intense and I thought maybe he had swallowed something and was trying to cough it up. Yesterday I could really see his breathing was laboured.

I took him to the vet this morning and they did XRays. It turns out he has developed asthma. The vet gave him a steroid shot and I'm working from home today to keep an eye on him. Though his breathing is still a bit laboured, he hasn't been gasping for air. I have to take him back tomorrow to get checked out again. 

January 4 update:  I took Morgan for his check-up tonight. Though he isn't wheezing anymore (yay!), his breathing is still a bit laboured. And he only had one episode (gasping for air) last night (yay!). So he's going on a puffer twice a day. Then we'll try and wean him down to once a day, then once every two days. He'll have to do it for the rest of his life.  Here's the puffer/contraption:

The left side is a mask that goes over his mouth and nose. The vet did it tonight and he didn't mind it too much.

January 5 update:  I gave Morgan his blasts from his puffer twice today and he didn't seem to mind it. What a good kitty!


Caroline said...

Love the picturs of your cats. Very cute. Mine also sleep on my pillows.

Isabel said...

Awww poor kitty, hope he feels better. Mine used to sleep on my pillows and my clean laundry.

Teena in Toronto said...

As soon as I take the laundry out of the dryer, Morgan comes running to sleep on it. Good thing he's a clean kitty.