Saturday 28 January 2006

Book ~ "Everybody into the Pool" - Beth Lisick (2005)

From ~ Lisick, a natural storyteller, plunges not only into the pool but also into details, some undeniably gory, about her transformation from ultratanned homecoming queen (high-school freshman with a hunky senior as her date) in a puffy-sleeved, plaid dress of royal blue, lime green, canary yellow, bright pink, and hues of purple into a young woman living illegally in a warehouse as raw sewage falls from broken pipes and the upstairs occupants. Lisick employs a whacked-out, loopy humor that many will find charmingly off-the-wall as she recounts such larks as traveling as the sole straight girl with a lesbian punk band and spending an evening at a Catholic charity fund-raiser selling raffle tickets (and filching some of the cash). Readers will also learn of Lisick's open-minded, not entirely successful quest for bisexuality in the early 1990s and her stint as a giant banana.

Most of the stories are funny. It's a quick read and I'd recommend it.

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