Friday, 27 January 2006

Biffs, Toronto, ON

The Chillin' Chicks took advantage of Winterlicious (120 restaurants in Toronto offer fixed menu meals for $25 or $35 for an appetizer, entree and dessert ~ it's a great way to check out restaurants you've never been to).

We went to Biff's, a French restaurant. A friend of Deb's, Sylvie, came too.

We had an awesome waiter named Jacob. He was very nice and took good care of us.

I went off the Winterlicious menu and ordered steak and fries. Upon Jacob's recommendation, I had creme brulee for dessert. It's the first time I've had it and it was quite tasty. Liz's birthday is next Friday so Jacob wrote "Happy Birthday" on the plate in chocolate with her creme brulee. Very cute!

It was a fun time catching up. Lots of laughs!

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Wicked Wanda said...

That's a great idea. It looks like it would be a lot of fun.
Although I don't think I could actually function when it gets that cold much less go out for dinner with friends. :)
I guess that's why I live in sunny Florida where the temp will be a lovely 72 today (Jan 28).

I was in the Boston last year for the "Blizzard of o5'" and I ended up with a broken leg/ankle so I try to stay away from places that are that cold.