Saturday, 7 January 2006

Book ~ "Up the Amazon Without a Paddle" - Doug Lansky (1999)

From ~ This enjoyable collection of anecdotes recounts more than 60 of the author's fun-loving, hair-raising and off-the-wall excursions around the globe. His broad and balanced travel coverage takes many forms. One moment he's elegantly cruising the Caribbean on a luxury liner, the next sleeping under the stars on Mount Sinai. Any lover of adventure will enjoy accounts of blowgun hunting, 'gator wrestling, volcano hiking, and ostrich riding. Unusual experiences include test-driving a Ferrari, enduring a Chinese opera, and playing Finnish ice golf. Through Lansky's writing, one is rewarded with the pleasures of a novel, the excitement of a thriller, and the insightful information one would expect from a guidebook.

This is this second of his books that I've read (I also read Last Trout in Venice: The Far-Flung Escapades of an Accidental Adventurer) and I enjoyed it. He enbarks on many adventures and makes them sound very fun and interesting.

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