Friday 9 March 2012

Aria Ristorante, Toronto, ON

After the lacrosse game, Gord and I stopped in at Aria Ristorante, which is next door to the ACC, for a glass of wine.

There are fires on the patio to keep you warm. Considering it was -4C (-14C with the windchill), not a surprise that no one was outside.

We ordered a glass of bubbly.

It's a fancy spot. We sat at the bar, which was weird because the chairs are really really high and the bar is too low. So we had to kind of lean, which was awkward.

Cool wine cooler.

Kyle took good care of us. He surprised us with a sample of their cheese balls ... they were yummy!

I might pop back for a glass of wine. Though the menu looked good, I doubt I'd go back to eat there (too fancy and pricy for me).

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Annie said...

That's looks like a wonderful place to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine. I too love that wine cooler, wouldn't it be great to have something like that at home?