Wednesday 14 March 2012

Book ~ "Goodnight, Irene" (1993) - Jan Burke

From Goodreads ~ For thirty-five years the identity of the dismembered woman found under the Las Piernas pier has remained a mystery. What secret did she take to her grave? Southern California reporter Irene Kelly has uncovered a maze of forensic records and confidential files that suggest a motive far more sinister than anyone imagined. The discovery has brought her close to Detective Frank Harriman, and closer still to exposing a killer who will resort to anything to keep his secrets buried -- and Irene silenced forever.

I'd read some of the books in this series years ago (and then forgot about it for some reason) and the latest one, Disturbance, in January. Reading the last one reminded me how much I'd enjoyed this series so I thought I'd go back and rereading them again. This is the first one in the series.

We meet Irene Kelly. Her newspaper friend, O'Connor, has just been murdered. Irene teams up with old acquaintaince, Detective Frank Harriman, to solve the case.

Sparks fly between Irene and Frank as they rekindle their friendship while solving the who dunnit.

I enjoyed the writing style and the characters and look forward to rereading the others in this series.

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Susan Demeter said...

I like a good mystery. This sounds like something I would want to check out.