Friday 9 March 2012

Toronto Rock 10, Philadelphia Wings 12

Saturday night Gord and I went to the Toronto Rock - Washington Stealth lacrosse game ... alas, Toronto lost. Because we were at that game, we were able to buy tickets for tonight's game half-price.

Toronto Rock were playing the Philadelphia Wings in a battle for first place in their division.

It was Canadian Armed Forces night ... the singer of the national anthems was a soldier and was driven in and out in a jeep. He had an amazing voice.

Throughout the night, there were standing ovations for soldiers who were in the crowd.

And the game begins ...

For this game, we bought tickets in row 21 in the middle so we were able to see both goalies.

Usually during the Kiss Cam, the camera pans the crowd prompting couples to kiss to win a prize. Tonight a soldier proposed ... and she said yes. Yay!

Here are Gord and I ...

The Rock cheerleaders entertained.

Lacrosse is a rough game with lots of smacking with their sticks ... there was only one fight tonight and it didn't amount to much.

Gord and I didn't win the 50/50 draw.

Alas, the Rock lost.

Time for the teams to put aside their bad feelings and shake hands.

It's quite a fast paced fun rough game.

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