Wednesday 14 March 2012

Donaleigh's Irish Public House, Barrie, ON

I felt like having supper at a pub tonight so walked along Dunlop Street E. There are about five pubs on this stretch of the street and Donaleighs caught my eye.

When I walked in, the pub was packed. There weren't many free tables but I managed to get one. Yay!

I ordered Hot Buffalo wings.

They were okay ... not "crispy" as described, the batter was kind of mushy. The sauce was the usual hot sauce. What made the wing better was the buttermilk dill dip ... it was good.

The draught selection is kind of bland ... the usual big brewery beers. Too bad since they have a craft brewery (Flying Monkeys) a block away. They did have my fav, Keith's, though.

The vibe in the pub was happenin'. My server said the pub opened in June and has been pretty well packed since its opening. St. Paddy's Day celebrations should be jammed.

I'd go back.

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Teresa said...

Happy pre Saint Patrick's Day.