Tuesday 13 March 2012

RIP, water heater

We rent our water heater. When I moved into our condo in June 2001, it was here ... the builder had installed them when the units were built in 2000. They are apparently supposed to last for 16 years.

We've always had problems with ours. It will work fine for a while and we'll have lots of hot water ... then over the months, the water will run warm, rather than hot ... then we'll have hot water which will go cold for a minute or so and then go back to being hot.

I've had the repair guys in many many times over the years.

Over the last year, the water has been hot with cold going through it. Annoying but we've gotten used to it.

I heard that water heaters are being replaced so I called to check it out. Yes, we got approved that we could get our replaced and for free. Yes, free! Because we are in a lower unit, they could use the existing hardware and they don't have to haul everything up and down stairs (they charge for that). Whoohoo!

Here's our old one ...

Jay and Mike came by yesterday to do the job. See ya, crappy water heater!

Hello, new water heater! Look how pretty it is!

When Jay installed the first one, he discovered there was a defect. He had another one in his truck so he uninstalled #1 and installed #2. Another defect. He had a third one in his truck that was earmarked to be installed across the street in the afternoon but he uninstalled #2 and installed #3. You guessed it ... another defect.

Jay left this one installed and ordered the part inside that was causing the problem. But it couldn't be installed until today at the earliest. What it meant was we had no heat or hot water until the part was installed.

I spent the day in Orillia and Gord had to work so I called our Super to give him permission to let someone in.

We were happy to come home today to find that we had hot water. Yippee!


Teresa said...

What a pain, glad to hear you got it all sorted out. Seems you've been one busy woman.

Unknown said...

When we put a whirlpool tub in our new bathroom, big enough for two people, it was too big for our hot water heater. Before it was ever half full, we'd always run out of hot water. What a drag. Now we have a hot water on demand unit. Showers can be never-ending, hot tubs can be enormous and we always have enough hot water to accommodate them. :)