Friday 16 March 2012

Harbour View Inn, Barrie, ON

Since I was staying in Barrie for a couple nights, I wanted to be downtown rather than at one of the hotels off the highway (that's where I usually stay).

I couldn't find a hotel downtown but did find the Harbour View Inn, which is a "boutique heritage hotel" according to their website. It reminded me of a bed 'n breakfast but I did have my own bathroom and breakfast isn't included.

At the corner of what was called Louisa Street (now a section of Dunlop Street East), sits what is now known as the Harbour View Inn. The house is believed to have been built about 1885 for John Forsythe, Chief Clerk in the post office, who by 1891 was described simply as a gentleman. The house (constructed in 1885) is on the former site of Meldrum's Hotel.

It’s believed that the Inn may in fact be two houses, the rear (Berczy Street) section being the oldest, possibly dating to the mid 1850's. This can be clearly seen in the brickwork at the rear of the hotel.

In keeping with the 1800's theme, the Harbour View Inn proudly bestowed the names of the first 10 mayors of the City of Barrie on our suites. On each suite door, there is a plaque with the Mayor's name, and the dates they held office.

You can catch a glimpse of Barrie's history through the many old photographs and newspaper articles from the 1800's that flow through our hallways. Step back in time at the Harbour View Inn!

I had the F.E.P. Pelper Suite.

It's cute, isn't it? The windows looked out onto Lake Simcoe, which was across the street. I had the windows open to let in the fresh air. The street is a busy one and I could hear the constant stream of traffic.

You'd think the bathroom was through the door on the other side of the bed, right? No, it's a mini kitchen complete with glasses, utensils, etc.

The bathroom was through the mini kitchen.

The outside door is locked at 10pm but you have a key. The staff goes home. I couldn't figure out the alarm clock so Wednesday night about 8pm asked for a wake-up call for yesterday. I called last night about 9:30pm a couple times to ask for a wake-up call but no one answered (so I used my cell phone).

WIFI and parking are free. It's less than a ten minute walk to the downtown core.

It was a nice change from staying at a chain motel and I'd stay here again if I wanted to be near the downtown core.

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Margaret B said...

When WiFi and parking are free, and it's close to the downtown core, I'm there! Looks like a cute spot to stay at. Will keep it in mind next time we head up that way.