Monday 26 March 2012

Pub Victoria, Montreal, QC

I am in Montreal for a couple days for meetings (the company I work for is based here) ... I flew in this afternoon.

I didn't feel like going too far for supper and came across Pub Victoria on Rue Notre Dame Ouest. I like pubs and it looked interesting from the outside.

It wasn't too busy when I got there about 5:30pm but a few people wandered in as I was there. I thought it was comfortable.

I started with cheese sticks ... nothing outstanding about them. They arrived very quickly after I ordered them (too quickly) so I'm assuming they'd been made ahead of time.

There wasn't a lot of choice on the menu so I ordered a burger and fries.

Not great. The fries were overdone and it seemed like the burger was warmed up rather than cooked freshed for me.

My server was efficient but a tad cold.

I won't be back.

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Teresa said...

Hopefully your second day here proves to be better.

Fizzgig said...

from the pictures im sincerly jealous, glad it wasnt fulfilling so i can go back to my light popcorn without envy!

Stephanie Robinson said...

I stumbled upon this, and I find it very bizarre. I go there at least once a month, and do take the burger. It usually comes with salad, tomatoes, onions and they ask me what I want as dressing. Did they ask you what you wanted?
And for the mozza sticks, you know they are fried right? I worked at a restaurant before and it does take 2 minutes to make: drop them in the fryer and done! If you wait any longer, it's cuz they're making you wait.
It's very sad that you had a bad experience because what you describe is so far from the experiences I've had before there, and like I said I go there at least once a month! Never had any cold or warmed up burgers and have tried at lot of their food and have never been anything else but really happy.