Thursday 15 March 2012

McReilly's Pub & Restaurant, Barrie, ON

I spent the day conducting one-on-ones.

Gord took the afternoon off and took a bus to Barrie (he's taking tomorrow off too and will explore while I work).

We felt like going to a pub for supper. We walked up and down Dunlop and decided on McReilly's Pub.

It was a happenin' spot ... most of the tables were taken.

We started with an order of garlic bread and cheese.

It was okay, not great.

Gord ordered fish 'n chips and said it was good.

I ordered hot wings.

The wings were good. They were hot (spicy) and had something else in the sauce that I couldn't figure out ... I liked it. The "secret sauce" is creamy dill with my server disclosed as soon as I asked her ... so much for it being a secret.

Service wasn't great ... it was kind of slow. Plus we'd ordered a rum and Diet Coke and our server brought us a Diet Coke. It took her a while to clear the table ... we actually moved to another table to get away from my plate and chicken bones.

The prices are great, though. A good value for the $$.

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Isabel said...

the food looks yummy. Maybe they were having an off night.

Dani T said...

It sounds pretty rude and fussy of you to move tables to get away from *your* food. Like you said the place was very busy. Just evidence of how rude and disrespectful the general public is, so glad I don't work in the service industry anymore.

Teena in Toronto said...

Dani: Sitting with our obviously finished plates for a half hour without being taken away is a bit much, don't you think? That's why we moved.