Wednesday 21 March 2012

Foggy Dew, Toronto, ON

It was 24C and sunny today ... hard to believe it's the second day of spring!

Gord and I couldn't resist walking to the Foggy Dew and having supper on their patio.

Gord had the Donegal Bay Dagwood. He said it was okay but wasn't crazy about the Dijon mustard on it.

I had a burger and fries. It was okay, not great. The burger was kind of dry and the bun didn't seem very fresh.

I'm not a fan of their food anyway but it's a great patio to watch the world go by while enjoying a couple drinks.

Tayler was our server and took good care of us.

And here we are. The patio is shaped like an "L" and we were able to grab the table in the corner which was a great spot to enjoy some sun for a while.

The Foggy Dew is on the ground level of a condo building.

Lots of people had the same idea we did ... all the tables were occupied on the patio (and empty inside). We hadn't even gotten across the street heading for home and our table taken.

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BLOGZOOM said...

Querida Teena :

today - that coincidence! - I had dinner a delicious burger. There is a cafeteria that makes some tasty and not too expensive.


Isabel said...

It looks good though. too bad about the taste.

Teresa said...

Haven't these past few days been wonderful. FYI I was updating my blog via my stupid phone and may have indicated one of your comments as spam. Sorry too much static in my fingers.

Mass Hole Mommy said...

I'm not sure what C translates to in F, but I assume you had warm weather like we did :)

Adaptable Kay said...

I must say that is the GREATEST name for a restaurant!! Lol

It amuses me xD