Saturday 31 December 2011

The Swizzle Inn, Bailey's Bay, Bermuda

After we had lunch, we still had a couple hours before our room was ready so we walked a couple blocks to a pub called The Swizzle Inn.

The Swizzle Inn is Bermuda's oldest and certainly most famous pub. Established in 1932 in a 17th century roadhouse, the "Swizzle" as locals call it, is home to Bermuda's national drink the Rum Swizzle. This potent rum and fruit juice cocktail is legendary for making the locals "loco" and the tourists "tipsy"!

Since 1962, the Swizzle Inn has been owned and operated by the Correia family. Johnny and Jackie were the husband and wife team for many years and then their son Jay took over in 1990. 2002 marked the 40th anniversary of the family running Swizzle Inn which coincided with Jay's 40th birthday.

A number of changes to the business have taken place over the years including the opening of the restaurant in 1973, opening the second floor to dining and a gift shop in1993 and expanding the patios and parking lot in 2000. However, one thing that has never changed has been the unique pub area with its graffiti and business cards as well as the rustic furniture and fixtures. The visitor books date back to 1942 and are full of funny anecdotes about people's visit to Swizzle Inn.

It's a cute spot ... though it was raining, we sat on the patio. Here's the inside.

We shared a shaker of their signature drink, the Swizzle, and are taking home the shaker as a souvenir.

Here we are ... exhausted and wet but having fun.

Here's me giving the Swizzle Inn a thumb's up!

Gord enjoyed a local beer, Oscar's Amber Ale.

There were lots of birds hanging out with us on the patio.

Yep, we're still having fun.

Oxana was our server and she took great care of us.

It had stopped raining by the time we headed to our hotel ... yay! This was our road home.

The Swizzle Inn is a fun spot and I bet we'll be back! The food looks great and they have free WIFI.

January 1, 2012 update: Gord and I went to the Swizzle Inn to surf and catch up with the world (WIFI is free whereas our hotel charges us). We ended up staying for supper and had some yummy pizzas.

Gord had pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms and green peppers ...

I had pepperoni, bacon and tomatoes ...


January 3, 2012 update: Since we didn't take the all-inclusive option for today, we had supper at the Swizzle Inn.

I had the Buffalo Style Wings (tossed in Jay's ring of fire sauce) and Butt Kickin' Chili Nachos (A mean hombre! Heap of tortilla chips topped with Monterey Jack, onions, diced tomato, jalapeños and Johnny's butt kickin' chili. Salsa and sour cream as well) ... both were good. The meat in the chili was like stew beef rather than burger, which I was expecting.

Gord ordered the The Swizzle Burger (Seasoned 6oz all beef burger with crisp bacon, real cheddar, lettuce and tomato on a sesame bun) and onion rings which he said was good.

We had some drinks and surfed and got caught up with the world.

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