Thursday 8 December 2011

Book ~ "Watcher" (2009) Valerie Sherrard

From Amazon ~ "I knew one thing -- I wasn't going to be rotting in that place for the rest of my life. I was getting out of there. That place turned people into the living dead. In that neighbourhood, it was hard to hear anything that didn't carry the sound of defeat."

Sixteen-year-old Porter Delaney has his future figured out, but his nice, neat plans are shaken when a man he believes may be his father suddenly appears in his Toronto neighbourhood. Porter knows that he wants nothing to do with the deadbeat dad who abandoned him and his sister twelve years earlier, but curiosity causes him to re-examine the past.

Unfortunately, actual memories are scarce and confusing, and much of what he knows is based on things his mother told him. As Porter looks for answers, it begins to seem that all he's ever going to find are more questions.

I came across this book on a table at my local library where they had a display of books that take place in Toronto. When I read the description, it sounded interesting ... and it was. I enjoyed it and would recommend it.

This is considered a young adult novel, at a reading level of ages 12 and up. I found the writing style and language wasn't juvenile, though. The "voice" is Porter's who is sixteen. He lives in a low-income neighbourhood in Toronto with his mother and his surroundings and actions reflect his circumstances.

When he discovers a man (whom he nicknames "Watcher") who he suspects is his long lost father following him, he is torn with emotions. Should he confront him and demand to know why his father has had no contact with him and his sister? Should he turn the tables and follow him? The results are surprising when he finally makes his decision and takes action.

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Feisty Crone said...

This sounds really good; I'll put it on my "to read" list.