Thursday 1 December 2011

Pizza Hut, Hamilton, ON

I had an enrolment seminar to conduct in Hamilton this afternoon.

I went early so I could have lunch at Pizza Hut. Remember the bad experience I had there on October 31? I was curious to see if anything had improved.

I was greeted by Caitlind, who was very friendly.

I chose to order from the menu rather than going for the buffet. Since it was lunch time, it was fairly busy and most were heading to the buffet.

Instead I ordered a small Pepperoni Lover's Pan Pizza (a double helping of deli style pepperoni and extra mouth watering 100% Pizza Mozzarella) and a Diet Pepsi.

Aside from being a bit greasy, it was good ... hot and fresh. Caitlind checked on me to make sure that everything was okay, as did the other server.

Definitely a much better experience from the last time I was there! I'm going to write to the company and let them know that I had a better experience this time.

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Isabel said...

looks yummy! glad the service was better.