Thursday 15 December 2011

Moe's Deli & Bar (Trudeau Airport), Dorval, QC

After you go through Security in the Montreal airport, there are only two restaurants to choose from. Tim Hortons is good if you don't have much time and Moe's Deli & Bar is good if you want a sit-down restaurant.

I caught an earlier flight home today (12:15pm instead of 1:15pm) and still had an hour for lunch so I ate at Moe's.

I sat by the window and got some work done (free WIFI).

I've been to Moe's a few times and the food is good ... I've had a burger and chicken parm. I felt like something different today so ordered the jumbo smoked meat sandwich on rye and fries and a Diet Pepsi. As you can see, they aren't kidding when they call it "jumbo"!

I hadn't had breakfast this morning so was hungry. I managed to eat most of the sandwich, a couple of the fries, and none of the pickle or coleslaw. It was good and I was quite full afterwards.

The service wasn't the fastest, though, so I'm glad I had time. There were four servers and less than 20 people in the restaurant yet all the servers seemed to disappear for periods of time.

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LeeAnn said...

DROOL - it looks fabulous! I love deli!

Isabel said...

that is a big sandwich!

Teresa said...

Its not a complete visit to Montreal without having a Smoked Meat Sandwich. I live a stone's throw from a Moe's, but have only been there for breakfast.