Saturday 24 December 2011

Holiday celebrations

Gord and I don't celebrate Christmas.

We don't put up a tree. We don't have room for one, we don't have room to store the decorations the rest of the year and, knowing our kitties, they would think it's their own personal giant toy.

Gord and I don't buy each other gifts. Instead we buy theatre tickets for the upcoming Stratford Festival (this summer we're seeing The War of 1812 and The Pirate of Penzance).

I did put some decorations out.

Here's our door ...

A Christmas dog is on a shelf in the living ...

And, of course, Christmas towels ...

Christmas towels?! When I met Gord, his only decoration was the towel on the left. So we've kept up the tradition. My sister, Sarah, gave him another one a couple years later so that's out too to greet us when we come in the door.

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