Tuesday 20 December 2011

South of Temperence, Toronto, ON

I met some former co-workers for lunch today ... all but two of us are still with that company. Though I left in 2007, happily we still get together for lunch every once in a while.

We met at at South of Temperance (Adelaide W/Yonge).

It was a busy spot ... lots of holiday luncheons happening, I guess.

It's festively decorated for the holiday season ... this was above our table.

I ordered the BBQ Burger and fries.

Whoa! That's a burger!

I had to mash it down a bit to cut it in half to be able to eat it.

It was a good burger ... I've never had pulled pork or crunchy potato sticks on a burger before and it worked for me. In fact, I ate all the burger! The fries were good too but needless to say, my attention was on the burger.

And here we are: Laura (she's with another company now), Julie and I ...

Eric and Norma ...

Me, Jen and Susan ...

It was a fun time catching up!

I'd never been to South of Temperance and enjoyed it. The service was great (the manager came over to ask how things were and helped me on with my coat when I was leaving) and the food was delicious! I'd go back.

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Anonymous said...

Whattt?! That's some crazy looking burger! :O

Fizzgig said...

omg that burger looks like a slice of heaven! yummm!!!!